Moulding Young Minds - Moulding the Future!

Different types of teaching aids like flash cards, lift out and insert fun puzzles, sound boxes, vowel sets, touch trainer, shape box, buttoning frames, building blocks and hand and eye coordination items, puppets, toys, magnetic boards, audio cassettes, video CDs, computer etc. are used in teaching so that learning is through fun and play. While adopting the fun-to-learn attitude, a deep-seated yearning to learn at an early age, is planted within the child's mind.

Creating a Climate of Encouragement for the Young Child

Attitudes towards life and learning are both formed in early childhood. The content of education of a young child greatly determines his mind set and ultimately his future success.

Lazy as well as active minds are both nurtured in early childhood. Through the environment of possibilities we give them a harmonious environment and nourish their imagination and develop their self-esteem.

The child develops a thirst for greater knowledge that will always stand him in good stead. Such a child when growing older and confronted with an excessively demanding study schedule will never suffer from pre-examination blues.

Introducing basic concepts to the beginners develops imagination, coordination, visual and memory skill through fun

Omkarananda Preparatory School educational methodology incorporates the Montessori method.


Let's count

Games for Hand Coordination

Spiral Table

Playing with shapes

Learning Pencil Skills

Let's count up to 100

Play 'n' Spell

Playing with Dolls

Learning ABC

Magentic Puzzles

Small Letters


What goes together


Dressing Myself

Playing Doctor

Setting the Breakfast Table

Let's buy and sell

What I love doing


Learning 'lighter and heavier'

Getting safely to School

Care of Environment


Developing listening
skills & telephone manners

Focus on Spoken English

Cooperative Games & Circle Time

Practising Cleanliness

Care of Self

Puppet Show Developing

Using ATM

We Learn in so Many Different Ways - Every Child a Star

Giving children an opportunity to create beautiful designs often brings surprising results - the discovery of their own talent does wonders for their self-esteem.

Fun with Craft. Child's imagination finds its expression in the creation of concrete form.

The child learns motor control through craft and clay work. Little actions like pressing out, cutting, pasting and modelling are important steps forward for a child.

A Peep into our World of Science