Play is not "just" play, meaning unimportant, but is one of the most important activities making a child ready for physical activities. Physical activities accelerate physical growth.

Outdoor games like running, jumping, hopping, climbing, sliding, swinging, balancing, physical exercises etc. all these games will train the child to focus and concentrate the mind. They will strengthen and develop will power. They will build self-confidence.

ORGANISED GAMES is an activity where rules are made very explicit, where the point of the game only comes if one does follow the rules. Children learn to cooperate, to respect the abilities of others, to enjoy the game whether they win it or not. Large muscle skill, balance and coordination receive practice.

Dumbbell P.T.

P.T. with Rings

Kids Olympics

Shopping Race

Crawl and Blow Race

Sack Race

Prize Winners


In emphasising the mind, we often underestimate the importance of the body. The truth is, a healthy body generates a healthy mind. A healthy mind generates a healthy body.